Our Financial Assistance Policy

We want to make our public trainings available to as many people as possible, because it's our mission to share the principles and practices of Compassionate Communication in the world.

When we do this, we are also mindful of our own needs for support and sustainability, so we offer a few options when people request financial assistance:

                          volunteering at registration table

                          volunteering at registration table

1. Payment Plans:  We can receive 25% of the amount to hold your space, another 25% the day of the event, and then 25% per month for the next two months after the event occurs. (Know also that we accept credit card payments if that's helpful in any way).

2. Sponsorship:  We encourage you to find a friend, relative, co-worker or your workplace to sponsor your attendance at this event, possibly in exchange for sharing what you learned with them! We are happy to offer guidance for how to approach your employer with this request, and what has worked well for other people.

3. Work Exchange:  We have a few work exchange opportunities for most public trainings, where we make agreements for volunteer time in exchange for *partial trade (see note below*) for the fee request.

Tasks vary from ones done before the training (organizing, running errands, sorting, stapling materials) to things done at the training itself (setup, teardown, checking people in at registration, helping the bookstore coordinator). See our page 'Get Involved' under the section 'About Us' for more ideas for work exchange possibilities.

* We incur some basic expenses for each event that are fixed, and therefore we request that people contribute part of the training fee in money, and exchange the remainder in volunteer work.  Contact us to explore how to create an arrangement that is doable for you.

4. Early Bird Discounts:  For most events, we offer a substantial discount if you register in advance of the event (the amount of time in advance varies depending on the event, but is usually 2 weeks for a class, 4 weeks for a 1-3 day training, and 8 weeks for a retreat. This gives us predictability and money up front to cover our costs, and also extends a savings to you.

Do any of these sound like they might be workable for you and enable you to attend?  Contact us and let us know.